New Client Meeting

This meeting will only take 10 to 15 minutes of your time. Whie there is only 1 time slot for ths meeting we are flexible and can meet come to your house at an exact agreed time. 
Using our service for the first time, this is an opportunity for you to meet your dog walker/pet carer prior to entering into a contract of service. Any questions you have can be answered at this meeting.
Most importantly this is an oportunity for your dog to approve his/her new dog walker, carer. 

1 Hour Group Dog Walk

Walks are in groups of 4 to 6 dogs, all dogs walked in a group setting must be sociable with other dogs. This walk is only suited to dogs allowed off lead. This will only be carried out in a safe area away from main roads and other dangers. Your dog will be walked in local parks, woodland and coastal areas.

Puppy Visit

This service is designed to break up your puppies day. We can feed, change the puppy pads and play with your pup. This service is designed to help with toilet training when they have not been fully vaccinated. 

Due to our our group walks, these visits will be 20 minutes in length within the time slot chosen. 

Home Boarding

Your dog will be cared for in your carers own home.They will live as part of the family, enjoying walks in the countryside and cuddling up on the sofa (if owners permit) 

Day Care

Your dog will join the Waggytails team out on their walks and have the comfort of spending time with their carer at home while you are out working. 

Small Pet Feeding Visit

If you are going away and want your small pets to stay at home we can fill in with feeding.

for example: we can come feed your cat, hamster or other small pet while away from home ensuring a fresh supply of water is available, we will clean clean litter trays where neccessary, change bedding as per customer requests. 

While we cannot guarantee exact times, visits will be 10 mins within your chosen time slot.

House Sitting

This is an ideal service for owners who's dog are unable to use our home boarding service and also provides security for the home, You can go away wothout worrying about your pets being unsettled in a strange environment, more suited for customers who have a few pets to be cared for.  The service includes a morning walk and night time let out no matter how many dogs you have. 

Please book additional walks as required. 

Individual Walk

Individual walk designed to let your dog out for a quick local walk from door to door. Ideal for dog's unable to join group walks. 

Ad Hoc Group Walk

Your dog at your wedding

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