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Don't forget the pets

Wednesday, 6 January 2016, 12:18PM by Heather under Are we a nation of animal lovers

For some time I have been concerned that the society we live in has a need for foodbanks, such as it is many of the people in need of these donations of food have pets which they love and adore.

I have heard stories of people feeding their dogs first before themselves and with that in mind set about helping raise awareness of this through asking my customers and friends to not only think about the people in need but beyond them to their pets.

I have often thought about setting something up that would go a small way to helping people in need to keep their pets when facing tough times in their lives, I was not sure that it would be received well.  Helping your fellow human being is more important some would say! I do agree with this sentiment but what if, for reasons beyond your control (a redundancy, illness) any reason…….you could not afford to look after Max, Sam, Molly or Buster. The dog or cat you have loved and nurtured for the last 3, 5 or 8 or 10 years? Does Max, Sam Molly or Buster end life being sent to an animal home and never again had the love and nurturing you gave him/her?

With this in mind, I have contacted our local Foodbank to see if it was something that could be of help, from one conversation yesterday I have been asking my customers and friends to think beyond the people needing help and to give a little something for the pets.

The response has been fantastic….. I look forward to us giving our first donations to Lomond Foodbank 

If there is a foodbank near you, don't forget the pets X



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