Jamie MacLean
Dog Walking Supervisor

Heather MacLean

Waggytails Dog Walking is growing up, from working alone building the business to becoming a team effort. It is with thanks initially to my sister Donna MacLean for the suggestion almost 4 years ago to the inception of Waggytails Dog Walking in April 2013 

It has been an upward struggle from the beginning when I used public transport to meet my customer needs before purchasing a car to get around in. My very first customer Alison is still with us today and has watched on eagerly as we develop.

I have worked tirelessly for the last 4 years with only 3 weeks off in that time, to build the reputaion we have today. Our goals change constantly with customer need, we will be growing the team very soon in order that we can fulfil all assignments on a daily basis at the time; you the customer requests.

Prior to Waggytails Dog Walking, I have like many these days worked in numerous fields incuding and mainly retail, from being a market trader, to owning a gift shop in Annan (not one of my brighter ideas) I have also in the past worked as a pool attendant and fire fighter, which I found very challenging and thrilling.

They do say you never forget your first fire! Mine was a bush fire the size of a waste paper bin which took seconds to extinguish. That could not be said of the fire appliances having to be dug out of the road we were in which took a good couple of hours to do. Our sub stating how good it was for team building. (not what we were all thinking at the time)

In addition to having a varied work history, I am a mother to Jamie MacLean and very recently a grandmother to Sophie MacLean both of whom I am very proud. 

I am also very proud of the work we now do at waggytails and will continually look for areas to grow while ensuring the core business of walking your dog is done in a responsible and safe manner. I am currently looking forward to bringing another dog walker on board as part of the Waggytails team very soon 

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